one more Grammy

Daft Punk is nominated for five Grammys — record of the year (Get Lucky), album of the year (Random Access Memories), best pop duo/group performance (Get Lucky), best dance/electronica album (Random Access Memories), and best engineered album non-classical (Random Access Memories) — for this year’s 56th annual show! According to The Atlantic writer Nolan Feeny in his article, dance music is finally getting its long-deserved recognition from the Grammys through Daft Punk’s multiple nominations in major categories.

Inspired by and in anticipation of tonight’s awards and performances, this mix starts off with Daft Punk (of course) and other EDM/remix tracks I’ve been loving lately, and transitions with San Cisco’s cover of “Get Lucky” into some dance-y indie pop.

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this and that (Déjà vu)

This week’s mixtape is titled “this and that (Déjà vu),” dedicated to indie music doppelgangers. If you like the more well-known indie names I’ve featured in this playlist, I’m pretty sure you’ll like the song/band I’ve paired it with, due to its similarity in style/sound. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my pairings!

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am I cool yet?

Recap of yesterday’s live show — I talked about Lorde, The Mindy Project, and cover songs.

I recently got around to checking out Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine, and I’m not surprised to find that I enjoyed it. Pure Heroine is definitely more than just its breakout song “Royals,” and “Buzzcut Season” and “Glory And Gore” are my personal favorites from the album. This makes me months late to the hype, but I’ve always had a thing against reviewing popular music, books, or movies; I feel like there’s so much pressure to like it, and then I end up waiting until it become less socially relevant. Hell, I still haven’t seen The Titanic yet. Let me know when people stop saying, “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

This week’s mixtape is titled, “am I cool yet?” inspired by Lorde’s smooth beats and feminine vocals, which makes a killer combination of effortless cool. I wanted this playlist to embody the essence of a chill girl who everyone wants to kick it with.

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there, there

Recap of yesterday’s live show — I talked about songs about girls, girls named Jennifer, and the movie Jennifer’s Body

I’ve been sick and feeling out of sorts lately, and on bad days, I wish I could just close my eyes and have the day restart. Life isn’t always Disney and sparkles, with the naive princess sigh of “the world is so great,” like the time when strangers generously hauled my 50-pound luggage up a flight of stairs for me. Sometimes, life is more like getting lost, running through Tufts Medical Center like a sweaty frantic mess for a solid hour, and missing my appointment. Ugh.

This week’s mixtape is titled, “there, there” inspired by the inane phrase that makes no sense at all, but it’s nice to have someone listen to your problems and say everything is going to be ok (in most cases, he/she’s not lying, and it really is going to be ok). I chose songs that swell and feel like love, as a reminder that there are people, friends, and family that love me (and you!) even after a crap-tastic day. 

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Recap of yesterday’s live show — I talked about my personal experiences/struggles with #datcollegediet, workout tips (from Huffpo, definitely not from personal experiences hah), short features on Madeon and Kap Slap, and “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

I felt kind of bad for hating on EDM last week, so I diligently dedicated this week’s mixtape to personally exploring EDM and remixes. I don’t have much prior exposure to EDM (unless you count the vague weekends in some shady Allston basement, holla atcha freshmen biddies), but I’m interested in delving into the genre and trying to understand the audience-base more. After quite a few hours of sifting, I’ve come to the conclusion that listening to really bad EDM makes me feel like I’m becoming dumber by the minute (sorry guys, classic example of how to alienate yourself from the majority of EDM-loving college students) and great EDM can be especially fun (potential redemption points, yo).

EDM’s infectious fast-paced beats help perk up any workout, so this week’s mixtape is titled, “DAT ASS,” (in all caps because there’s no way you’re not going to shout that) inspired by bad eating habits, hitting the gym, and staying fit. As a sophomore in college, I’ve missed the “freshman fifteen” mark, but those pounds have been really sneaking up on me! I’d say that I’m currently “in-between sizes,” or  that I “only feel comfortable buying shoes” now. I blame my regrettable late-night decisions on uninhibited snacking. While I was in the radio studio, I felt like I should’ve been doing squats to maximize efficiency. Time to haul ass! I’ve never been an athlete, and all the medieval torture devices disguised as workout equipment intimidate me (establishing my quality credibility right there), but I hope this mix inspires you to exercise harder (better faster stronger)! Or start the weekend early… I’m not judging!

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Recap of yesterday’s live show — I talked about Bon Iver’s “Flume,” Ryan Gosling in Dead Man’s Bones, the uncanny resemblance of Monday’s sold-out The Neighbourhood show (10/14 at Paradise Rock Club) to a tween-y Justin Bieber/Jonas Brothers concert, how most EDM/dubstep songs sound like robots crapping on each other, and the movie Closer. 

According to @bostontweet, Wednesday was the last time the Boston sunset occurred on/after 6PM until March 2014… Colder, darker days — ay, I don’t quite have the wardrobe or the heart for winter!

Last weekend was also a long weekend for most of us, so if you’ve been partying hard, I see you!! It’s definitely fun, but some nights, there is no better feeling than just going home, wiping off all my makeup (hair up, nails chipped, makeup off — GET COMFY), stuffing my face with food (#datcollegediet), and binge-watching TV (I just started getting into Friends, haven’t been living under a rock for the past ten years, I swear).

This week’s mixtape is titled “grey” because I think grey can describe a certain weather or feeling in a strangely accurate way for such an ambiguous word. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve been too busy or having too much fun till you’re exhausted, and all you want to do is to cozy up in bed, dim the lights, and nap into long quiet afternoons. I thought of acoustic guitars and songs with a focus on vocals, and Bon Iver was a great inspiration and example for this playlist. This is probably as close to an angsty mixtape as it gets…

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coffee dreams

Recap of yesterday’s live show — I tried going on-air without having everything scripted out because my brother told me that my talking on-air last week left more of an impression than the music, which was definitely not what I was going for! I think it went well… Though, I haven’t heard the recording yet. Yikes. I talked about how crazy lead singer Thomas Mars was during the Phoenix show in Boston, elbow-cupping Atlas Genius, and FIFA 14. Oh, FIFA.

This week’s mixtape is titled, “coffee dreams,” which is inspired by how hectic this week has been. I know most colleges on the semester calendar have been ravaged by midterms, and I find myself relying more on coffee to get me through the week. When coffee isn’t making me jittery and slightly nauseous, I actually feel really inspired and excited (which is probably just the coffee talking). In this mix, I’m going for a dance-y, sparkly synth-y sound. Take a break from bashing your brains out with a textbook and dance!

Catch the live show/derps every Thursday from noon-2pm EST at, or follow @nurdalurt for updates. As always, playlist annotations after the jump!

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they want to kill rock ‘n roll because they know it makes us horny, man!

Sorry for the flub up last week, but I had a great time DJ-ing my first show in the WECB studio yesterday! I’m so grateful for everyone who tuned in and let me know that they were listening — shout-out to my suitemates and my brother! For those who missed the live mix, I’ll see if I can embed an mp4 recording of the show on this blog as soon as possible.

This week’s mixtape is inspired by two albums that I’ve been obsessed with for the last few months – Arctic Monkeys’ new album “AM” and a slight throwback to Kings of Leon’s “Come Around Sundown”. It seems like a weird pairing, but each album concept is so… hot. Steamy? Seductive? Let’s get outta here?

So this is a playlist titled, “They want to kill rock n’ roll because they know it makes us horny, man!” after Hyde’s line from “That 70’s show”.

Not all the music in the playlist will be in the rock genre, if at all, but I’m going after a sound that, uh… Hyde says it pretty well. As always, playlist annotations after the jump!

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the start

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that my first radio show, “Mixtape of the Digital Age,” will be on air tomorrow (9/26/13) from noon-2PM EST at! I hope you’ll tune in and bear with me on any flubs or herp derps that might happen.

If you happen to miss my show, check back on this blog for the complete playlist, which I’ll post afterwards. Follow my twitter handle @nurdalurt for updates!

yours, Jen